Hi, I’m Matteo

I'm an Italian living in Stockholm, where I'm currently a partner in Samsen, a design consultancy working with brands in tech.

Today, I'm primarily a consultant focused on digital product design and design systems. Still, before that, I worked in the field of visual identity, editorial design, and exhibition design in Venice, Italy, for years.

I enjoy tinkering with art or design projects in my spare time, like building web-specific component sets with proper naming conventions that no one will ever use or painting 120x180cm frames.



Here’s an attempt to keep history of some of my work on the web. It will probably not be my last attempt either.

  1. Spotify (Soon)
  2. Klarna
  3. UI Kit (Soon)
  4. Flos
  5. Unbore
  6. Immersione libera (Soon)
  7. My Art Guides
  8. Centro Video Arte di Ferrara

Check out Dribbble to see miscellaneous snippets from my design work.


Digital design systems
Digital product design
Design management


We’re a design consultancy working alongside brands in tech.
Whether it’s shaping a new venture or evolving a company, we offer our services to businesses that are looking for long-term solutions.

We’re based in Stockholm but can work remotely. Learn more

Notable experiences

Spotify, Contract, 2022 – Present
Klarna, Full-time, 2020 – 2022
Lightbox Publishing, Full-time, 2017 – 2019
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Notable clients

My services have been trusted by Spotify, Klarna, Flos, and many more.

Friends & Press

Damjan Knezevic, Designer
Tania Cimatti, Illustrator
Stamuli, Design studio
Acerbo, Leather goods
Dagens Nyheter, Jan 2023
Sveriges Radio, Jan 2023
dezeen, July 2021

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